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HPC Demo Town

HPC Demo Town Unveiled

HPC Sustainable Town (Demo Town)

Welcome to HPC Demo Town, an innovative and sustainable design that showcases the latest in green technology and off-grid living. Developed by High Planes Company (HPC), Demo Town is designed to demonstrate how modern technology can be used to create self-sustaining communities that are powered by renewable energy sources.

Power Station

The heart of Demo Town is the Power Station, which uses solar panels to charge a battery bank that powers the entire town. This makes Demo Town self-sustainable and able to run off the grid, reducing its reliance on traditional power sources and minimizing its environmental impact. This HPC power source system is a microgrid.


At the center of Demo Town stands the GeoDome, a unique and striking structure that serves as a gathering place for parties and events. The GeoDome is a focal point of the town and provides a versatile space for community events, gatherings and more.

Focus Station

Demo Town not only focuses on sustainability and renewable energy sources, but also on providing comfortable and functional living spaces for its residents. One of the key features of the town is the hotel which serves as a guest house. This provides a comfortable and convenient space for visitors or short-term residents. The hotel can be fully customized to suit the needs of the guests, whether it’s for business or leisure.

Another important aspect of Demo Town is the general store, which can be used for storage. This is particularly useful for the inhabitants of the town as it allows them to have a centralized location to store their belongings, tools, and equipment. Additionally, the general store can also be used as a community space where residents can gather and share resources.

The saloon, which serves as an entertainment hall, is another important feature of Demo Town. This provides a space for residents to relax and socialize, whether it’s for a casual chat or a special event. All of these buildings, the hotel, general store, and saloon, are designed as Focus Stations and Abode Stations. They are designed to be fully customizable, meaning that they can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the residents. Whether it’s for work or living, these buildings can be tailored to provide the perfect environment for the inhabitants of Demo Town.

Farm Station

One of the key features of Demo Town is the Farm Station, a fully automated greenhouse that allows residents to grow their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs all year round. The Farm Station is equipped with an irrigation system, climate control, and lighting that can be controlled remotely through the HPC Hub app. This means that residents can monitor and control all aspects of their greenhouse from their phone, including watering, temperature, humidity and power.

The Farm Station is designed to be customizable to meet the specific needs of each resident. Whether you want to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, or herbs, the Farm Station can provide the perfect environment for your plants to thrive. The key to the Farm Station’s success is its automation, which allows for precise control over all aspects of plant growth.


HPC has partnered with Beach Automation to provide greenhouse automation and the HPC Hub app, which allows residents to monitor all aspects of their greenhouse from their phone, giving them the ability to control and monitor all aspects of their greenhouse from anywhere.

Demo Town is a sustainable community created by High Planes Company (HPC) to showcase the potential for a turnkey drop in town with energy sources to power entire communities. The western-style architecture adds a unique and stylized touch, making it not only environmentally friendly but also visually appealing. HPC demonstrates how modern technology can be used to create self-sustaining communities. It serves as an inspiration for other communities to reduce their reliance on traditional power sources, minimize their environmental impact and create a more sustainable future.

Below are some photos of the full Demo Town project: