Ideas are changing the world.

We accelerate the progress of sustainable innovation in the Technology, Environmental Friendly, and Consumer Product Sectors.

Sustainable Power

We want to provide products and services that encourage independent sustainable living. We want to drop a unit or equipment on your land, and you can build a sustainable lifestyle. We don’t want you to need us in 2 years. We want you to grow your own food, run off your own power system, and manage your own independent sustainable lifestyle. We just want to provide the early tools to set up this lifestyle. 

Independent Lifestyle

HPC is a sustainability-driven company that drives efficiency and sustainability. We offer a wide range of self-sustainability products like solar power, off-grid work stations, remote manufacturing, greenhouses, and technology to monitor the systems.

High Planes Company Turning ideas into reality.

Farm Station

Farm Station is all about food sustainability as a growing necessity. HPC offers a full greenhouse and parts.

Focus/ Abode Station

HPC Focus Station is the control center. Our Focus Station products are here to help you reach your goals.

Fortress Station

HPC is designing and developing new innovative products to protect you. From RFID protection packs to fortified shelters. We have a full-service facility with a wide range of capabilities. Precision cutting, CNC, shearing, ironwork, waterjet and more.

Fabrication / Remote Manufacturing

High Planes Company is connected with manufacturers and other solutions companies to build a remote manufacturing network.

Power Station

HPC Power Station will get you running off-grid. We want to help you run off your independent power source.

Hub Space

The technology behind your project. HPC offers data hubs for your application to track power supply, growth conditions, and more.