The SnapNrack Tile Replacement solution provides the highest quality method for mounting Series 100 Rail on tile roofs, eliminating the need for grinding or cutting of tiles. Quick and intuitive install saves time on the roof compared to standoffs. Since the tile replacement completely takes the place of the existing tile, installers will have plenty extra in case replacements need to be made. The tile replacement is composed of four main components: the base, riser, flashing, and L Foot assembly. Simply lag the base into the rafter and adjust the riser to line up with the hole in the flashing, insert the flashing and tighten on the L foot then you’re ready to attach rails. Customers will need to order both the Tile Replacement Flashing and the Tile Hardware Kit for their respective tile type.

The Universal Tile Hook is designed to work with Flat, S, and W shaped tile roofs which can typically install with minimal cutting/grinding of tiles. Provides enhanced install flexibility regardless of the rafter location due to the 1.25″ vertical adjustability and 6″ horizontal adjustability of the tile hook in relation to the large 4″ x 8″ base. Its 1/4″ steel arm is thicker and more rigid compared to competing products on the market, requiring less roof attachments per installation. The Flat Tile Hook is an efficient solution for mounting on flat concrete tile rooftops;the design focuses on maximizing speed and efficiency for installing specifically with concrete flat tiles.


The Metal Roof Base provides a robust self-sealing EPDM rubber washer and a sealing top cap mounting base for common corrugated metal roof profiles. The Standard and Wide Base Seam Clamps are made from a high tensile strength aluminum that will work with a range of metal roof designs. The Corrugated Straddle Block allows attachment of the L Foot directly to a structural member covered with a corrugated metal roof without collapsing or crushing the ridge in the metal roof material.

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Product Description

S100 Tile Roof Attachments

Flat Tile Replacements

Flat Tile Replacement, 0.56 in Hole, No Insert, Black 232-01190_BK
S100 Flat Tile Hardware Kit W/Cone 242-01253

S Tile Replacements

S Tile Replacement, 0.56 in Hole, No Insert, Black 232-01192_BK
S100 S Tile Hardware Kit W/Cone 242-01255

W Tile Replacements

W Tile Replacement, 0.56 in Hole, No Insert, Black 232-01191_BK
S100 W Tile Hardware Kit W/Cone 242-01254

Tile Hooks and Accessories

S100 Flat Tile Hook 242-02045
S100 Universal Tile Hook 242-02044
L Foot Extension Kit, Black 242-01120


S100 Metal Roof Attachments
S100 Metal Roof Base With All Purpose L Foot 242-02037
Metal Roof Base 242-02036
S100 Standard Base Seam Clamp With All Purpose L Foot and Lock 242-05156
Standard Base Seam Clamp 242-05000
S100 Wide Base Seam Clamp With All Purpose L Foot and Lock 242-05157
Wide Base Seam Clamp 242-05001
S100 Corrugated Straddle Block With All Purpose L Foot 242-02046
Corrugated Straddle Block, Mill 232-02421
S100 Hanger Bolt Clamp 242-01102