S100 Standoffs can be used on flat roofs or pitched roofs, comp shingle or tile and include a onehole base, anodized standoff shaft, rubber rain collar and a standoff clamp assembly. S100 HD Standoffs are typically used on flat roofs with built up foam insulation where a taller standoff is required. They include a six-hole HD base, anodized HD standoff shaft, rubber rain collar and standoff clap assembly. Use appropriate metal flashing or E-Curb flashing for your roof application, or have a certified roofer install and seal roof attachments for your project.

Series 100 Tilt Kits

Tilt Kits can be used to tilt up arrays on low-slope roofs. These kits include two standoff mounts with bases (one-hole for standard and six-hole for HD), anodized standoff shafts, rubber rain collars and the Standoff Clamp and L Foot Assembly.

SKU:SnapNrack Series 100 Roof Attachments

Product Description

Standoff Mount Roof Attachments
S100 Standoff Kit, 5-1/2″ 242-92057
S100 Standoff Kit, 7″ 242-92059
S100 Standoff Kit, 8-1/2″ 242-92061
S100 Standoff Kit, 10″ 242-92055
S100 HD Standoff Kit, 7″ 242-92073
S100 HD Standoff Kit, 12″ 242-92074
S100 HD Standoff Kit, 18″ 242-92075
Standoff Base, 1″ 242-02412
Standoff Spacer, 1″ 242-92081
S100 Standoff Clamp Assembly 242-04100

Tilt System Roof Attachments
S100 10 Deg Tilt Kit With 5-1/2″ And 10″ Standoffs 242-92077
S100 20 Deg HD Tilt Kit With 7″ And 18″ HD Standoffs 242-92079
10-30 Deg Variable Tilt Hardware Kit 242-92083

Standoff Flashings and Accessories
Flashing Kits, E-Curb, 4.5″ X 3.5″, Gray, 3Pk, Pourable 131-01357
Rubber Rain Collar 232-01000
Standoff Flashing, Straight Cone For 1″ Standoff, 18″ X 18″ X 4″, Galv 131-01213
Standoff Flashing, Verde 1.0Stf, Skinny Cone For Tile, 20″ X 20″ X 3″, Dead Soft Alum 175-05001
Standoff Flashing, Offset Cone For 1-Hole Base On Flat Tile, 19″ X 15″ X 4″, Galv 131-01216
Standoff Flashing, Oatey 11830, No Caulk Rubber Cone, 9″ X 12″, Galv 015-00162
Standoff Flashing, Verde 1.0Sso, Deck Level For 1-Hole Base, 10″ X 12″ X 1″, Galv 175-05005