2nd Place Finish at Southern National Motorsports Park

    The HPC race team earned their best finish on 12.4.20 at Southern National Motorsports Park. Driver Billy Ern started Fanatec Street Stock Series race in the 13th to move up to 2nd place. This is the HPC race team’s best finish to date. The race was uneventful until the Ern got into an on-track scuffle with the #6 car. On a side note, the #6 car lead the race for 32 laps until the altercation. Later on, the HPC car moved into 2nd place with less than ten laps to go.

    Fin PosNameStart PosCar #IntervalLedAverage Lap TimeFastest Lap TimePts
    1Jeremy Spohn1230517.316.26936
    2Billy Ern132-1 L017.87616.37333
    3Tyler Wagener16-5 L3216.73915.55331
    4Scott Nagel259-6 L016.66915.53928
    5Roberto Monroy1114-8 L017.00315.68526
    6Anthony P Price64-20 L216.13515.34924
    7Shaymus McConnell157-21 L018.82215.77121
    8Larry Jennings812-22 L017.13515.68819
    9Bill Banker916-32 L017.56115.63516
    10Kameron Martin31-35 L120.63115.7614
    11Elizabeth Barrett28-36 L018.19116.15712
    12Douglas Detwiler75-37 L022.18616.6329
    13Matthew Linde1613-39 L023.8017
    14Ronald Hall6415-40 L000
    15John Southmayd1011-40 L000
    16Don Brown1410-40 L000

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