High Planes Company

Demo Town

HPC Demo Town

HPC’s Demo Town was created to showcase multiple Focus Stations, the GeoDome, Power Station, and a Farm Station. The entire town is powered by the Power Station that charges a battery bank using solar panels.

Container with Western Facade

Specialized facade for your Station

At HPC, we specialize in creating unique container buildings with specialized facade. Our latest design is a western saloon that looks like it belongs in the old west. We’re in the process of building a whole town out of containers, complete with a saloon, hotel, and other amenities. The best part is that these buildings can be easily delivered with a facade that can be added once the container is dropped on site.

Off-Grid Farming: The Benefits of Forested Land

With the current state of the world, more and more people are looking for ways to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. One way to do this is by purchasing an off-grid property, and there are many benefits. If you’re thinking of going off the grid, then a property with a forest is a great option. Here’s why:

Why go off grid?

For many people, the idea of living off-grid is a romantic one. The thought of being independent of “the system” and reconnecting with nature is appealing. But what does it really mean to live off-grid? In this blog post, we’ll explore what living off-grid entails and some of the reasons why people choose to do it.

The Essentials for Living Off Grid

For many people, the idea of living off-grid is an appealing one. The thought of being independent and self-sufficient is attractive to many. And while it is possible to live off the grid, there are some things you need to know before taking the plunge. Namely, you need to be aware of the essentials for living off the grid. Here’s a look at what you need to know.


What is a Microgrid?

What is a Microgrid?

A microgrid is a local energy grid with control capability, which means it can disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously. Microgrids can supply electricity to a single building or an entire campus and are often used as backup power systems in case of a power outage or crisis…

Can chickens provide a sustainable food source?

Chickens a sustainable food source?

Can chickens provide a sustainable food source?

What’s better than a farm-fresh egg? The answer is nothing! You don’t need acres of land or even considerable square footage to raise your chickens. You can raise chickens right at home in urban backyards. And by collecting them yourself, not only do they add some sustainability (especially when compared with store-bought), but you also know exactly where the eggs come from…

What is a flow state?

What is a Flow State?

Flow is a state of perfection where you become one with whatever it might be. This can happen when your mind feels at ease and immersed in an activity, which has been labeled as “flow” by psychologists like Mihaly Csikszentmihali or Jeanne Nakamuar for their work on positive psychology studies about happiness and wellbeing…

HPC Receives Cash Injection

Farm Station automation projects are getting a substantial cash injection from investors for HPC’s newest round of funding. The company plans to use this investment in Farm Station 1.0, further developing and testing it for commercial purposes. A recent influx of funding from investors will be used towards furthering the development process behind their first-ever …

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