What is a flow state?

What is a Flow State?

Flow is a state of perfection where you become one with whatever it might be. This can happen when your mind feels at ease and immersed in an activity, which has been labeled as “flow” by psychologists like Mihaly Csikszentmihali or Jeanne Nakamuar for their work on positive psychology studies about happiness and wellbeing.

Flow States are a rare occurrence, but they can be experienced by those who seek them out. When you flow, time seems to slow down, and your senses heighten while being immersed in what task at hand. You can absorb all thought until the action becomes effortless; you have momentum that can defeat distractions.

Flow states happen when we’re deeply focused, usually because no physical or mental obstacles prevent us from doing so. It’s an immersive experience where everything locks into place and action aligns.

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