HPC Focus Station / Abode Station

At HPC, we are dedicated to creating innovative mobile workstations and living spaces that push the limits of efficiency. Our flagship product line, the HPC Focus Station, is designed to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, sustainability, and independence. The Focus Station, also known as the Abode Station, is a self-sustaining container-based workspace or living space that can be placed in remote locations. The key feature of the Focus Station is its ability to operate independently, off the grid, while maintaining a high level of sustainability and efficiency.

One of the unique aspect of the Focus Station is that, it can be designed with a façade. For example, HPC offers designs that feature a western or saloon front façade. This allows the container to blend in with the surrounding environment and provides a sense of aesthetic appeal.

The Focus Station designs include a wide range of options to meet different needs. From ergonomic desks and software and hardware packages, to backend hubs and full mobile offices, to off-grid homesteads, there is something for everyone. The HPC Focus Station remote is a fully-equipped mobile office that can be used in any location. Overall, HPC’s Focus Station has revolutionized the concept of mobile workstations by making them more efficient, sustainable, and versatile.

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