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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Focus-Station.jpgAt HPC, we take mobile workstations and living to the next level. HPC Focus Station is a product line that is designed to push the limits of efficiency. Focus Station designs range from ergo dynamic desks, software and hardware packages, backend hubs, full mobile offices to off-grid homesteads. HPC Focus Station remote can be a fully decked out mobile office.
Standard size deliverable Focus Station is 8.5’x8’x40′. Custom sizes available on demand.

HPC Focus Station is a company that creates mobile workstations and living spaces. They offer HPC Focus Station products like ergonomic desks, software or hardware packages, hubs for the backend server to connect with clients so they can be fully decked out in their own off-grid homesteads while still having access to all of their files on any device.

HPC’s Focus Station has taken mobile workstations to the next level by making them more efficient. They have a variety of products from ergonomic design desks, software and hardware packages that can be used in remote locations as well as off-grid homesteads.

GEOdome avaliable