Andy Otis makes debut in the HPC car

    Driver Andy Otis makes his debut in the Fantec Street Stock Series. Andy started the race in 16th place to move all the way up to 7th at USA International Speedway. The race was chippy all night with some heavy side by side collision on the 30th lap.

    Driver Billy Ern said, “Andy ran well. He looked like a natural out there.”

    Fin PosNameStart PosCar #IntervalLaps LedAverage Lap TimeFastest Lap TimePts
    1Elizabeth Barrett11504023.50122.94139
    2Lisa Hollenbeck82-2.519023.56422.97136
    3Tim Friedt177-1 L024.50423.1934
    4charle Roakes1313-6 L025.17623.33231
    5Scott Nagel2124-7 L028.50423.36329
    6Brian Cushing103-8 L024.96923.66926
    7Andy Otis161-10 L025.87123.86824
    8Timothy Jordan4512-12 L025.29323.37121
    9Brandon LaFon710-12 L025.06923.77719
    10jake Scrivens1117-22 L026.16523.54817
    11Stacey Howard316-28 L024.00323.19114
    12Troy Sperring1511-28 L039.29124.42412
    13Tyler Wagener98-29 L024.4123.0589
    14Matt Nap146-29 L028.923.6037
    15Amber Carroll414-30 L024.11223.2384
    16Miller Fulton III29-33 L024.523.7522
    17James Crump365-36 L031.32323.9351

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