Sustainable Redesign

Converting your facility to no-cost energy. Many facilities cost more to run than revenue earned. This is especially true for government facilities. One example is the public ice arena. Most ice arenas are lucky to break even. Many of them end the fiscal year in the red.

This is because the cost to run the power and equipment is more than the revenues in many scenarios. The good news is HPC is here to change this.

A great example of facilities that has reduced its power footprint is the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle. The arena moved toward a net-zero design. This design allows the facility to operate at a lower cost.

This net-zero concept has been taken to the next level with HPC. We are here to consult and redesign your facility with sustainable features. Sustainability can lower operational costs, increase resale/rental values and provide a green footprint.

Reach out to HPC if you are interested in converting your facility into a sustainable design.