Farm Station 1.0

Farm Station 1.0 is a project to implement new automation technologies and improved growing practices for the sustainable farms of tomorrow. HPC is here to work together as one team with technology to guarantee your home facility can run from your phone.

Farm Station 1.0 is an autonomous system/ network that provides users with everything they need to grow their produce all year long. Automated heaters, fans, and water are just some features this station offers. Users can worry less about hands-on maintenance or forgetting to water plants.

HPC Farm Station 1.0

Equipment Set:

Govee Home – (Temp, Humidity, & Dew Point)

*Temperature, humidity, and dew point are vital data points for Farm Station 1.0. Each data point determines water and power allocation.

VeSync – (Power to Greenhouse) Grow Light, Fan, Heater

VeSync provides the hardware and power monitoring software for this project. Depending on season the device runs Grow Light, Fan, and Heater.

Smart Life – (Water Schedule)

This Smart Life device allows the user to set a water schedule as well as check irrigation history.